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This Would Scare Children!!!

Ok, I got these from a few different people (Apparently everyone has heard the Feasby/Bouchard joke between me and Shayne). I thought it is only fair to show everyone how truly scary Robin "the Turtle" Bouchard and Scott "the Donkey" Feasby are. Oh, but I should explain that w/o telling the whole story, Shayne Tomlinson calls me Mrs.Feasby (long story) and this prompted me to dub him Mrs.Bouchard. Which I guess would explain why everyone found it humerous to send these to me. So, here they are, straight from the Muskegon Fury Jersey Auction....

Robin "the Turtle" Bouchard

Robin stop you are scaring the children! Shayne said he and his husband were having problems *tisk tisk* no wonder they are going on Temptation Island , can you blame Shayne for wanting to get rid of that??

Scott "the Donkey" Feasby

Forget that whole take it off thing, I'll pay you to PUT IT BACK ON!! Gross! I can just hear the chorus to "Let Me Ride the Donkey" playing in the background. Sick people were actually watching and applauding this...

Melanie Feasby (Scott's REAL Wife)

Apparently Melanie had to spend all their money paying off the lawsuits filed against Scott for his cheapshots, because it looks like she can no longer afford taste! Poor Daigle, the innocent bystander. I bet ol'Scottie boy was real proud of Mel after this!