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Port Huron Hockey Notes

There is a new team in town, the BorderCats are gone. After some deliberation, we've decided to leave this page up for people to come use as a resource and to view the albums, and we'll add any new Cats photos that we haven't added yet. For the new team a new page has been opened and linked back to this one as well. The Cats Message Board "Around the Rink" will remain open for fans of the new franchise to use. Any suggestions or submissions are welcome as always. Please email with any submissions or comments. You can check out the full roster of the Cats last season, complete with photos of the players at:
BorderCats Roster, Season VI

Or view game photos from this season at:

Season VI Game Photos

Power Performers

Power Performers are the guys from any hockey league who have had an impressive game or week that has impacted their team. As usual, David Alexandre Beauregard tops the list. With 4 shorthanded goals in the last 2 games of the season, and 4 goals in the season ending game against Muskegon, Beau hit the 50 goal mark and set a new Cats and franchise record. Also with stellar play in the final Cats game was goaltender Matt Mullin , he has taken it each and every night for 3 weeks with no back-up to give him rest, he kept the boys in it night after night.

Got a suggestion on who should be a power performer? Let us know!

Adam Lewis in a game against Asheville

Peter Cermak during his time with Port Huron

Janis Tomans and Casey Burnette line up for a face-off in a game against Flint

Jozef Budaj in a game against Kalamazoo

One of Paul Polillo's games in Cats uniform this season

Shayne Tomlinson wins the booster award for puckhandling during the Booster Skills Competition.

Jeff Loder wins the slalom event in the Booster Skills Competition.

Trainer Kathy Boron took home the award for shooting accuracy (Geez boys, thats pretty bad when guys who get paid to shoot lose to their trainer, Girls rule)

Kevin St.Pierre wins the litterbox for being the biggest cheat in the competition.

Dual winner Matt Mullin takes home the gold for the puck toss as well as the over all Cup for having the best score.

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Light a Candle for Etienne
Support Dave Ivaska's friend and former teammate

BorderCats MVP 2001-2002 is:
David Alexandre Beauregard

Who else? Beau has had an outstanding year and has truly been one of the bright spots this season. Should this be the last season of Cats hockey, David has made it a memorable one. Those last 4 goals were magic, congrats David! Other awards were presented in the following categories:

Rookie of the Year: Jean-Philippe Morin (An just like Coach McKillop did, we have to give an honorable mention to newly aquired Joey Bastien, he got here too late to be added into the mix for this award, but his production has been stellar both here, and previously in Flint)

Best +/-: Francois Hardy

Predator of the Year: Mark Jerant

Best Defensemen: Geno Parrish

Best Defensive Forward: Rick Judson

Fan Favorite: David Alexandre Beauregard

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