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New Years Game 99

On Dec.31st 1999, the BorderCats took on the IceHawks in the last game of the century. While the game served as a "last" in many respects (Last game of the year, Last game of the century, Last game of the millenium *depending on who you talk to* Last jersey auction of the 90's, Last game that Kevin Stone will attend *At least for awhile, miss ya Stoner!*, and last regular game for Chuck Pointer *Why is he leaving?*), its was a first in a few others. The first game we haven't seen Puhalski behind the bench this season, the first game for Jon Hillebrandt after Louisville, the first game without Steve Barnes, and (most importantly, but I'm biased) the first game with Chris Bergeron as coach. The Cats beat the IceHawks soundly, 10-3. Below are some pictures of the jersey auction. To see the ones of Jason Simon, you'll have to check out his new page when it opens. There are more pics coming soon.

Paul Fioroni

Fio holds up his jersey and tries to increase the bids.

Jay Neal

Neal informs the crowd the louder they are (and the higher the bids) the more he'll take off.

Jon Hillebrandt

Hillie has a discussion with Chuck (I don't know what about though, but the expression is funny).


BorderCats Off-Ice: