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Sarah's 18th Birthday

Melissa, Lynette, Michael, and Michelle

Michael at the bowling alley.

Sarah and Kevin at Bogey's.

Sarah, Kevin and Michele share a laugh at dinner.

Lynette and Michael at dinner.

Melissa, Lynette and Michael.

Luke, suprised by the camera at dinner.

Sarah and Kevin

Mom and Dad

Luke drives balls at the golf dome.

Luke at the dome.

Kevin, Adam, Sarah, Courtney, Dad and Luke at the dome.

Luke watches hockey at the bowling alley.

Adam tries to light the sparkler (I.e. the birthday candle) again....

Kevin and Luke watching TV while waiting for a lane.

The birthday dinner

Lynette, Michael and Michelle

Michael gets an "X" (Strike).

Lynette and Michele waiting to bowl.

Adam, Sarah and Kevin at Bogey's.

Melissa at the bowling alley

Courtney and Adam pose for Luke

Luke reading one of the birthday cards.

Kevin and Michele

Courtney and Adam

Mom, Courtney and Adam

Michael, Lynette and Melissa at the bowling alley.