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Photos~ Season 6

The BorderCats taking on Elmira-

The Cats and Jackals face-off the intended way.

The Cats and Jackals face-off the "other" way.

Jean-Philippe Morin

Keli Corpse

Lee Cole

Pierre-Luc Therrien

Rick Judson

Shayne Tomlinson

The boys are sent to the box to cool off.

The BorderCats against Flint and Rockford-

Francois Hardy

It's always a battle with the Cats and the Generals.

Jean-Francois Picard and Kevin Bertram

Jean-Philippe Morin

Rick Judson outskates the Icehogs.

The BorderCats against Muskegon and Kalamazoo-

The BorderCats vs. The Fury

Doing battle with Muskegon

David Alexandre Beauregard

Steve Lowe, Dave Gilmore and Yannick Carpentier head off for a line change.

Jeff Loder and Kevin Bertram fend off the advancing Kwings.

Mark Jerant challenges the Kwings.

Mark Jerant on "D".

Quade Lightbody