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BorderCats Roster

Below is the roster for the Port Huron BorderCats for 2001-2002. Thank you to Lynette, who provided the roster photos. Links and pictures coming soon.


Coach McKillop


Kevin St.Pierre

Matt Mullin

(Picture Coming Soon)

Stu Dunn (Traded to Flint 12-11-01)

Pierre-Luc Therrien (Released 11-1-01)


Kevin Bertram (Traded to Ft.Wayne)

Lee Cole (Traded to Knoxville)

Geno Parrish

Francois Hardy (On IR, out for the season)

Quade Lightbody (On IR)

Jean-Philippe Morin

Jean-Francois Picard (traded to Flint 12-11-01)

Shayne Tomlinson

Mike Bondy

Roster Continued

Left Wings

David Alexandre Beauregard

Rick Judson

Greg Walters (On IR)

Janis Tomans (On IR)

Mark Jerant

Rostyslav Saglo

Adam Lewis

Stacey Bublitz (On IR)

Peter Cermak (Aquired from Adirondack 2-6-02)

Photo coming soon

Right Wings

John Freeman (On IR)

Ian Jacobs (On IR)

Ben Gustavson (Traded to Adirondack 2-6-02)


Yannick Carpentier

Keli Corpse (Traded to Rockford)

Jeff Loder

Steve Lowe (On IR, out for the season)

Chris Robertson (Waived)

Paul Polillo (Signed in January)

Photo Coming Soon

John Finstrom (Added to Roster 2-7-02)

Photo Coming Soon


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