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The BorderCat Graveyard

With the BorderCats franchise out and the new Beacons franchise in, it seems as though we have recieved lots of emails asking "Where are they now?". So since the BorderCats era is dead, this page has been named the "BorderCat Graveyard". To the best of our knowledge thus far, these lists are correct. Find an error? Let us know. Is a player missing? Let us know (we discovered one player that wasn't listed on the hockeydb's super roster of all the past BorderCats). Are you an ex-Cat that wants to give an update just so your spot isn't blank? You guessed it, LET US KNOW! It doesn't have to be a hockey related update either, if you want to say "Surfing in Hawaii" that is fine. This page is under construction right now because it is a lot of info to get in. This page is for everyone who helped make BorderCat hockey a success.

DISCLAIMER: Just to avoid complaints and/or confusion, if there is no record of their location this season you will find a "-", that way we didn't insult anyone by putting "retired" when they aren't. Also, we covered as many leagues as we could, in fact we've got UHL, CHL, AHL, ECHL, WCHL, ACHL, QSPHL, BISL and even a university or two. We didn't cover any of the more local leagues or rec leagues simply because there is no way to find information on all of them, BUT as we said, anyone with an update (whether it be a rec league team or whatever) is free to send it to us and we'll put it up. At the end of the season however, unless we hear otherwise, we will take the team name down since there is now way to track the roster in the next season. Hopefully this clears up most of the common complaints and confusion.


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