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BorderCat Christmas Party 2001

Here are a few pictures from the BorderCat Christmas Party, more coming eventually. :)

Mike Bondy, and Shayne Tomlinson (along with his wife Jamee and children, Shayne and Amanda) converse with some boosters in the second half of the restraunt, since the party on the otherside was cramped and crowded.

Janis Tomans opens his Christmas gifts from his booster family, Shawn and Shelby.

Never camera shy, Geno Parrish (yes thats right, brother of New York Islanders sniper Mark Parrish) and his son Wheiland, try to weave their way through the crowded party.

Shayne Tomlinson and his son, Shayne Ryan, grab an available chair on the crowded half of the party.

(L to R) Jean-Philippe Morin (aka JP or Mo or on this particular occasion, the Grinch), Francois Hardy (aka Frankie) and David Alexandre Beauregard (aka Beau) take a minute from their social hour to gather on one side of the table and pose for the camera.

Francois Hardy (Frankie) and Yannick Carpentier (Carpie) enjoy their time together, and share the spirit of the holidays. Or maybe they just like their beer ;) Actually Frankie and Carpie posed this way as a joke, I swear, no matter what anyone tells you, they aren't "swishy". (inside joke) {Sidenote- I have been told to add that Ian Jacobs was sitting at the next stool over and he wants to know if we can put this picture on a handout and ask people to call 1-800-Hardy55, and so just to clarify, Ian, I don't believe I have any idea about what you are talking about, I am an angel and I would never do that to anyone ;) }


I didn't post this link on my page because I don't want people taking these pictures, plus, they eventually will include some take from peoples homes on the holidays, and this is more intended for a little view page for all our friends who couldn't be here with us for Christmas.